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Ripple & Rolling Edits in PM

Here’s the link that shows you the two different kinds of edits you will commonly use, which I talked about in class yesterday. By using these edits (& resetting your ‘Preferences’ default in PM to using these types) will save you an enormous amount of time.

Ripple and Rolling Edits in PM

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mon 9/9/13

C Ishino on September 9, 2013 at 9:28 pm said: Edit
IMPORTANT: DSLR cameras (only video cameras work) do NOT import DIRECTLY into iMovie. Use iPhoto to import videos. Then export as MPEG-4s into iMovie.

REMINDER: post your name and email here so I may invite you onto the Class website. Set up your Vimeo and Wordprss sites. THEN link them back to Class website.

Thanks and look forward to seeing your Exercise 1.


* Please include photo of yourself as ‘gravatar’, so I may begin to associate faces and names together!

The course focuses on the visual grammar and language syntax of time-based communication and motion graphics and explores concepts and techniques involved in the integration of images, typography, digital video and audio into vibrant and persuasive communication environments