Typography for Movie Titles

Typefaces (fonts): type size, leading, kerning, colors, and layout/grids. Legibility issues.
1. The typeface (or font) should be chosen appropriate to the ‘mood’, feeling, or character of the film.
A. Design with an underlying grid as in a booklet, with multiple pages
B. Leading and kerning should be twice as much as in print
C. Colors- white, yellow, pale (not saturated) shades work best
1) The colors used should reflect the feeling of the film
2) When using red, trap letters in white outlines
D. If you can read the text out loud, then viewer can read it

Hiearchy of information. Timing.
2. The title sequence should include what is on the original movie opening.
A. The more important the actor, the larger the type, the longer the name remains on screen. Also applies to other contributors.
B. It should run or last more than 30 secs, and include text such as:
1) The name of the movie
2) The main actors names (by order of importance) and 2ndary actors
3) The director of the entire film
4) The executive producer(s)
5) Director of Photography or Cinematography
C. Others may include, depending on contribution:
1) Editor
2) Music
3) Story Writer
4) Casting Director
5) Costume Designer
6) Art Director

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