Movie Title EGs- Student






Created by Dasha and Nadi for YSDN Time-Base class, THE SHINING



By C Fennel, U Motala, S Raizada, O Salama, T Tsai

“The original credits in El Laberinto Del Fauno did not
happen until the end. It was done in a simple white,
all-uppercase, celtic typeface that faded names in on a
black screen. It did not include imagery.
We wanted to make a title sequence that would capture
the dark imagination of a child in the aftermaths of the
Spanish Civil War. It uses visual elements such as shadows
and candle light to capture the mood of the movie
without revealing the plot. The sequence revolves
around an old book, setting the tone for a movie that
has the accents of a dark fairy tale. By having action
occur both on the pages and out of it, our sequence
teases the idea of real versus imagination, which is a
key question through the entire movie.”



Class assignment to storyboard, film, and edit together a new movie intro for a film we either loved or hated that had no title openings or a terrible one.

I am a big fan of the movie Die Hard. I decided to focus on the struggles John McClane has in the movie with his wife, physical strains, and keeping focused.

Actor: W Shane Duquette
Music: Original track from opening sequence of Mr. Brooks, heavily edited to fit this project (feedback, looping, conversations).
Smoke And Fire atmospheres footage at the beginning and end of the intro is stock from Action2K.



by Tannz Sotoudehnema & Sandra Tacic


NIAGRA by Audrey Chia

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