DVD Specs

As you are building your Time-Based Communications student portfolio,follow ‘professional practices’ of the motion design industry,
& make sure you do the following:

1) DVD must play back on ANY computer- .mov, .avi, .mp4 – i.e. use ‘universal’ formats
A) Test BEFORE you hand in
B) OPEN once to set proper TIME ZONE for playback location
C) Compress ALL file sizes- jpegs, PDFs, movs- to be opened FAST & not wait

2) Include brief, thumbs, roughs, comps & finish on DVD

A) Design Brief should be the FIRST thing to open on DVD, INCLUDE as PDF (NOT word processing documents), again use ‘universal’ format. Identify Brief clearly in DVD content

B) Pencil sketches must be viewed readily- LARGE enough, eh?;) (go over w black marker, if need be)

C) Identify each clearly as thumb, rough, comp, finish. Number each group of frames, on each storyboard.

3) Clearly label DVDs on the disc itself

A) Label ‘chapters’ clearly within DVD (using iDVD is fine for these purposes)

1. Design Brief 2. Thumbnails 3. Roughs 4. Comps 5. Finish 6. Credits: all your names, contributions, FA/YSDN 3013, Professor Catherine Jo Ishino (to prevent ‘appropriation’ in the future). DESIGN THIS COVER!!!

B) Label OUTSIDE of DVD case with title, name, copyright & year- your names, contributions, FA/YSDN 3013, Professor Catherine Jo Ishino.

C) Include hard copy of ‘Design Brief’ & list main categories of DVD’s contents, ss a ‘leave-behind’ for future clients, employees, or portfolios for Grad Show as any will want to read this before they go to the bother of playing it back!

D) Put DVD in a protective case & submit on deadline date.