Project 2

25% of final grade

1. Recreate a ‘movie opening sequence’ based on an existing film that you LOVE or HATE for a minimum of 15 secs.

2. Bring the existing opening to class, show what you have chosen & explain why.

Also bring thumbnails sketches with a minimum of 5 frames and done in 3 different directions you would like to take.

Hand in a written a design brief explaining why your concept & visualization is better & should be made along with a working calendar for the rest of the semester.

3. You will divide into teams. Vote which movie title to redo OR brainstorm on creating another one.


Children of Men – Title Sequence

The concept for the Children of Men title sequence relates directly to the story of the film. We wanted to emphasize the inability for humans to procreate, but more so the loss of all children, so we focused on playgrounds as the primary environment and playground equipment and children’s drawings/paintings as the objects of our piece. We captured an eerie feeling through a desaturated colour treatment, the images of empty playgrounds and the rusty, abandoned equipment. In terms of sound, we chose not to dramatize the already obvious concept with an intensely emotional soundtrack. The quite sounds of nature from the abandoned parks work perfectly with the footage. The ‘silence’ is intended to emphasize the concept further and more powerfully than a dramatic musical piece. The piece then transitions into the film by overlaying the audio track of newscasters used in the very first scene of the film.

Designers – Michael Dibblee, Sam Dubeau, Felix Lau
Videographer – Michael Dibblee
Editor – Michael Dibblee
Title Design/Typography – Sam Dubeau, Felix Lau
Art Direction – Felix Lau
Sound – Felix Lau, Sam Dubeau
Project Manager – Sam Dubeau

York/Sheridan Joint Program in Design
YSDN 3013 – Time-Based Communication 2
Course Director: Catherine Ishino
© 2009 Michael Dibblee, Sam Dubeau, Felix Lau

Sweeney Todd, by Brad Pyne

This was my final project for my Interactivity 2 class with Catherine Ishino. We had to choose and redo an opening title sequence for a movie. I chose to do Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd. I am a huge fan of his work, and I came up with (what I thought) was a great idea.

I cut the different title out of wood using a laser cutter, and filmed them in different scenarios. The premis behind the movie, is that people are killed and turned into meat pies. So by creating physical objects of the names of the people who worked on the movie, I am objectifying the names. In the movie, people are used to create pies, and so in the opening, the names are being used as objects.

The movie is has a low saturation, with a blue tint. It also accentuates the red of the blood. I chose to replicate this for continuity. Since the movie is also a musical, the soundtrack is a very big part of it. For that reason I kept the existing opening song.

I did include the openings from Dreamworks and Warner Brothers as well as a short clip from the movie. I did not have any part in creating those, and I am using them for the sole purpose of showing how my footage would fit in.

El Laberinto Del Fauno, By C Fennel, U Motala, S Raizada, O Salama, T Tsai

“The original credits in El Laberinto Del Fauno did not
happen until the end. It was done in a simple white,
all-uppercase, celtic typeface that faded names in on a
black screen. It did not include imagery.
We wanted to make a title sequence that would capture
the dark imagination of a child in the aftermaths of the
Spanish Civil War. It uses visual elements such as shadows
and candle light to capture the mood of the movie
without revealing the plot. The sequence revolves
around an old book, setting the tone for a movie that
has the accents of a dark fairy tale. By having action
occur both on the pages and out of it, our sequence
teases the idea of real versus imagination, which is a
key question through the entire movie.”

Mary Poppins Mary Poppins Movie Title Sequence from Johnathan Fong on Vimeo. Conlon & Fong

A Beautiful Mind: Tannz Sotoudehnema & Sandra Tacic-