Project 2: Movie Title Brief

In creating your movie title, please review the Project 2 rubric link http://, rubric_project2_rubric .

Please pay careful attention to what is needed for creating the five different stages of development, as all are ‘standard practice’ in the time based communications industry, especially in motion design. (NOTE: These steps often apply whether you’re working or freelancing in a studio, production house, a TV station, or  for a filmmaker.)

1. brief (or the “elevator pitch”): Who is your client? What visual stance have you taken to address the needs of the movie?  Why have you chosen this direction? How will your title sequence make the film memorable?

1a. thumbnails: Did you present visual evidence of your exploration of different concepts (3 minimum)? What are your three differing visual approaches (ideation)? Does your 3-5 frames depict a visual narrative that requires little verbal or written explanation?

2. roughs: does your footage show the fundamentals of screen dynamics? Deep structure? Clear line or body language? Is your framing & composition– dynamic, thought-provoking, visual interesting? Do you take advantage of your framing & composition, such as using all axises available to you- X, Y, & Z? In seeing your “Rough Cut”  could a viewer see the visual direction you want to portray?

3.comps (second major edit/draft) Does your opening depict a continuity of motion & design vectors? Do the initial transitions make visual sense? How does the timing of the various shots & scenes work together?

4. finish (or final cut): Does the conceptualization & structuring of your visual idea work well? Are there key moments and establish shots, scenes or actions that add to the vitality and rhythm of your opening title sequence? How does the composition and colour of it work towards your end visualization? Do the layouts or framing of the scenes build satisfactorily? Do you have the proper white balance or lighting for the entire sequence? Have you paid careful attention to the audio or sound? Are there natural sounds included, that can give the audience an immersive experience of place or environment? Does the music you’ve chosen, work well with all your shots? Have you used sound perspective or added variation in volume or amplitude at appropriate moments?Titling:  Does your typography for your title and screen credits express the mood or tone of the film? Did you add end credits for all members and the roles they played (editor, typographer, videographer, producer, director, costuming, set design, etc.)  with their full names, music credits with band names, name of songs, record company, and date of release. Also to protect your projects, add copyright protection:  “York University, YSDN 3009 Time Based Communications, Catherine Ishino: Course Director, Fall 2016.”

5. presentation. Did you give a clear, concise statement of what you intended to do in Project 2 (Design Brief) and how you successfully carried it out?

5a. Hard Copy Hand In: Are your Project 2 steps clearly labeled & accessible in separate folders – design brief, thumbs, roughs, comps, finish?