Project 1

Composite of 6 exercises into one 3 min coherent piece= 30%

Project 1: Style 

This project combines our class’ Exercises 1-6 (framing/screen dynamics, time/timing, sound, lighting, editing, and titling) into a coherent visual narrative. It will depict not only your understanding of the basic principles of motion design, but the style of your selected person(s), as well as your own visual voice. The final piece will reflect the varying styles you find in the people, places, and contexts surrounding your everyday lives. Note: The New York Times Fashion Videos on Style stand as a jumping off place and a starting reference for this first project that is worth 30 points.

You and your collaborator(s) will spend the first 6 weeks of class collecting examples of each foundational area of focus, with the overall goal of creating a compelling 3-minute video short of your own creation(s). The purpose of working with others is to assist in the technical aspects of each exercise, bounce ideas off of one another, and give critiques of your work in process. When the exercise portion of the course is finished, participants will mark one another on their collaboration.

Exercises 1-6, worth 5 points each, are earned by meeting the foundational goals on each topic and due every week. Grades for Project 1 are individually determined based on the fulfillment of the successful integration of all six exercises, and their final combination into a vibrant visual short video piece.

New York Times Examples

New York Street Style Fashion Week

All You Need to Know about New York Fashion Week

See New York Times, Fashion Week video

Student Examples

Project 1, STYLES

TORONTO STYLES. Students- Ping, Uhr & Chong –  their first video project in Time Based Communications 1 in the fall of 2013.

Tina Chan

Fall 2014

Project 1: Style & Compilation of Exercises- Framing, Sound, Lighting, Editing, Titling

Decisions: S Galloway,

Style Profile: Christian Miranda by  Michelle Fok

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