Design Journal


Goal: document your weekly work & reading assignment to reflect your insights.

A. Reflect on weekly assignment. Write about your insight & the relationship each assignment has done to increase your understanding of time based communications.

B. Upload each entry as well as pertinent links on your blog every week BEFORE class time. Be prepared to discuss and show work.

Exercises | Weeks 1-5

A. Show your work examples as well as links for each exercise below and upload weekly BEFORE its due

  1. Please post ONCE A WEEK (do not wait until midterm review) your own video example you found that best exemplifies the exercise or focus of the week:
    A. Screen Dynamics, Camera, & Frame Dynamics
    B. Sound & Microphones, Lighting
    C. Time & Timing
    D. Editing & Tertiary Motion- Complexity & Continuity
    E. Titling: Type & Motion
  2. Also post links to your VIMEO sites with links to your Project 1 & 2 process work in Design Journal (HINT: If you do this as you go, then putting together into your final  Projects 1 & 2 will be very easy!)Bottom line: “do not put off tomorrow what you can do today, eh?;)


Project 1 | Weeks 1-6

A.  Upload work in progress

  1. Design Brief/ Thumbnails
  2. Rough
  3. Comp
  4. Finish


Project 2 | Weeks 6-12

A.  Upload work in progress

  1. Design Brief/ Thumbnails
  2. Rough
  3. Comp
  4. Finish



Each student will regularly contribute to a Design Journal to document their individual design process. This journal will be hosted online in a blog format that affords the opportunity to share with others your on-going design sources, inspirations and resources.

The idea of updating and processing your design ideas is a way of tracking your course activity while expanding your exposure to time-based communication and its many forms and alternatives. Primarily, it will be a place for hosting your course work with updates of project development throughout the term. Video, photos, sketches, storyboards and audio are some of the media that can be readily uploaded and linked to your blog.

As designers, it is critical that we learn how to situate our own work while acknowledging influences within the traditions of practice. In addition to your regular project work, all students are expected to explore their own interests in time-based communication and post/share your interests with other students. Each posting should be a thoughtful and a well articulated exploration of an idea, article or design work that adds to your own understanding of this medium. The postings should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs and should include appropriate links, visuals and other media as needed.


Open an account, start your blog, and if you wish add links and or/pages.

An account on Vimeo is recommended to post your videos and link them to your Design Journal.

Course Theme

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